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Saundi Harrison-Cooksey
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Speaker Bio
Saundi’s journey into voiceover began with vivid ‘imaginary play’; as an only child—mimicking, crafting voices, and hosting pretend talk shows in her room. Little did she know, this childhood
pastime was a prelude to her passion for being behind a microphone. In 2013, she summoned the courage to delve into voiceover, and ever since, every moment has been a love affair with the art.

Known for her genuine, warm, and comforting voice, Saundi infuses authenticity into every project. Her professional and passionate approach stems from a unique blend of creative flair and a corporate background as an IT Project Manager for Warner Discovery, formerly Turner Broadcasting. Despite the contrast, her journey is a seamless fusion of her creative self with her
corporate expertise.

Over the years, Saundi’s voiceover artistry has extended beyond the mic. She’s a sought-after speaker, panelist, and workshop participant, sharing her experiences on podcasts and engaging in industry discussions. The convergence of her corporate acumen and creative spirit has been a recurring theme throughout her life, whether surrounded by media, entertainment, or theatrical

Saundi’s ‘soul purpose’ in voiceover is to connect, serve, engage, and inform. Operating from her broadcast-quality home studio, equipped with professional tools and solid sound equipment, she ensures a swift turnaround of 24-48 hours upon receiving your script. Whether via self-recorded, phone-directed, or live-directed sessions, Saundi is always ready to bring your narrative to life.

Based in Atlanta, Saundi’s home studio, crafted by her husband, stands as a testament to her commitment to quality. She also maintains strong partnerships with full-service professional
studios in the Atlanta area, providing flexibility for her clients. Saundi’s voice, a harmonious blend of professionalism and passion, is not just heard but felt—a true storyteller poised to
amplify your message with heart and authenticity.
Saundi Harrison-Cooksey