Navigating the Future of eLearning Narration: Where the Work is and How to Pivot

This workshop is a unique opportunity to learn from not one, but two industry pros who have built the backbone of six-figure businesses with eLearning: Terri Nicole and Saundi Harrison-Cooksey. This immersive experience will teach you about the evolving face of eLearning voice over, where the work is and ways to pivot to other paid work in the ever-changing landscape. Go from frustrated to focused and actively work on your strategy to find work during the session. Participants will: 1. understand the changing landscape of eLearning voiceover 2. Hear from seasoned voice actors (in addition to the facilitators) about the business-building and sustaining power of eLearning. 3. Gain insight from the people that hire voice talent for eLearning about the current state of the field and where the opportunities lie 4. Learn 3 concrete ways to pivot to find paid work

Terri Nicole Saundi Harrison-Cooksey
Date & Time
Thursday, March 7, 2024, 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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