Full Name
Mariano Chiesa
Job Title
Voice Actor & Mentor in Performing arts and communication
Speaker Bio
Not many professionals in the latinamerican voice-over industry explore as many faces of the art of voice acting as Mariano Chiesa. With more than 20 years working in the entertainment world, he is recognized today as one of the undisputed role models in Latin America.
Mariano Chiesa is a man of many talents: he works in film, theater and television; and is a prolific voice character creator. His work as a commercial voice-over covers a wide range of options: from being the voice of world renowned brands, as well as giving life to well-known advertising characters. And, because of his exceptional habilities of the spanish neutral accent (español neutro), he became the institutional voice of Sony Entertainment Television, Subway, Jeep, Nike and Disney+, among many others.
Nominated in the United States for the SOVAS 2023 Awards in two of its most important categories, Mariano Chiesa works tirelessly to bring excellence to the projects that call him. Based in Miami, he is still linked to the most prestigious Latin American brands, but he is also a mentor in communication and public speaking. His immersive Seminar Becoming Real, his MasterClass Sé Real and his personalized mentoring classes are synonymous of vanguard and professionalism that has already helped evolve more than 250 voice professionals.
Mariano Chiesa