Full Name
Nathalia Hencker
Job Title
Studio Owner/Casting Director/Voice Actor
Henckahontas Corporation
Speaker Bio
Colombian renowned Award-Winning voice over and film actress based in Los Angeles known for giving voice to the iconic Disney’s “Pocahontas” as well as Wilma Flintstone. She is the owner of Henckahontas Studios in Burbank where she has been casGng, producing and direcGng for mulGple projects, such as 2019’s CriGc’s Choice Awards series, “Bojack Horseman”, as well as the acclaimed NePlix hits “Tuca & BerGe” and most recently the mulG-language producGon for Paramount+ Bosé.
Nathalia Hencker has thrived in the entertainment industry for over two decades. She has been heard daily for the past 20 years on CBS in the acclaimed soap opera “The Bold and The BeauGful” as the voice of Brooke Logan. Her versaGle voice has been heard in the Spanish dubbing of actresses like Chandra Wilson in “Grey’s Anatomy”, Shailene Woodley in the trilogy of “Divergent”, “Insurgent” and “Loyal”, Jennifer Lawrence in “Hunger Games”, Amy Schumer in “I Feel PreYy” and a long list of credits that include drama, comedy, thrillers, cartoons and videogames.
Back in Colombia, Nathalia aYended Graphic design school and graduated in AdverGsing; sang on stages for crowds in Colombia with her band Climax and entertained ever day on the radio as a DJ on RadioacGva Caracol.
Upon moving to the United States, Nathalia managed SpringWest ProducGons, a dubbing studio in Burbank, where she got first-hand knowledge of the ins and outs of a recording studio, and where she was first exposed to the world of Spanish dubbing. On the big screen Nathalia has gone from an indigenous ex-addict in “Borderland”, to a survivor of the cartel’s violence in “Por Sofia”, a seamstress in “Reborn” to the most recent art gallery curator in the web series “Imposter.”
In 2023 Nathalia was selected as the official voice of FIFA women’s World Cup 2023 for Telemundo and NBC Universal. Nathalia has been nominated mulGple Gmes for best Spanish voiceover and has won Best Female Actress in a Videogame for her role of Mira in Rainbow Six Siege.
Nathalia Hencker