Full Name
Aleesha Bake
Job Title
Voice Actor
Speaker Bio
Who would’ve thought, a church-singing, garden-tending, stay-at-home mom of FIVE would find herself successfully navigating a voice over career right from her own backyard? Well, that’s exactly what Aleesha has done. A North Carolina native, Aleesha Bake has worked with clients from around the world. Lending her voice to everything from national commercials to children’s sleep stories, those same projects have secured her nominations for multiple voice arts awards.

When she’s not in the booth, you might find Aleesha singing her kids to sleep, fixing a leaky faucet, making homemade bread, or even building her own furniture! Aleesha is passionate about helping others see their worth and value, and making sure everyone feels supported in the industry. In between auditions, she loves sharing her VO Tips on Tik Tok, mentoring new Talent, and co-hosting the VO Booth Besties podcast LIVE each week with her friends and fellow voice actors Jen Greenfield and Jen Tophoney.
Aleesha Bake