Full Name
Christi Bowen
Job Title
Voice Actor & Coach
TN Voice Over Studios
Speaker Bio
Christi Bowen is a voice actor and coach from Nashville and the owner of Tennessee Voice Over Studios. She has worked for IKEA, Amazon, Deloitte, Quaker Oats and Marriott. She records from her pro audio studios delivering her signature warm and bright sound to clients worldwide. Christi can be heard on commercials, eLearning, corporate narrations, phone systems, political spots and automotive campaigns.

She's also the owner of Tennessee Voice Over Studios, a training and rental facility near downtown Nashville. TNVO Studios offer classes, both in person and virtually, for students at all levels. The studio features a WhisperRoom booth, Source Connect and a Sennheiser 416 or Neumann U87 or TLM103 microphone choices.
Christi Bowen