Full Name
Thom M Pinto
Job Title
Voice Actor & Coach
Speaker Bio
Thom Pinto has been one of the more prolific documentary and docu-series narrators for the past quarter century. He’s currently heard on “Charles Manson” for the History Channel, “The Twilight Zone” for Paramount+, “Americans Underground” and “Crazy Monsters” for Smithsonian, as well as the BBC’s “America’s Arctic” nature documentary. This year, Thom is honored to narrate dozens of featurettes celebrating Warner Brothers 100 years.

From 2007-2019, he was a promo voice fixture for CBS Evening News, 48 Hours and CBS This Morning.

Currently he is the imaging voice of three Sirius XM channels, including Classic Vinyl.

As a coach, Thom works with talent around the world, with his primary focus being the arena of TV narration, or as he likes to call it, “Primetime Narration”.
Thom Pinto