Full Name
Carrie Olsen
Job Title
Voice Actor & Coach
Carrie Olsen Voiceover
Speaker Bio
Carrie Olsen likes to say she’s not a big talker, but you’ve probably heard her voice in random YouTube ads, while watching Hulu, or even flipping through TV channels (if you’re still into that). As a voice actor, she has been the voice for brands like REI, Home Chef, Dreamworks, Grammarly, Netflix, Disney Plus, Max, and many others. Previously a corporate e-learning designer, she funnels that expertise into her online courses, blog, and Facebook group where she shares her passion for voiceover and entrepreneurship. She feels blessed to run her business from her home studio in Kansas City while raising two young daughters with her husband Derek. When she's not in her voiceover booth or playing with her daughters, you can find her researching whatever obscure hobby she is currently into.
Carrie Olsen