Full Name
Jenn Henry
Job Title
Voice Actor & Coach
Jenn Henry Creatives
Speaker Bio
Jenn Henry is a multi-award winning voice actor with a decade under the belt of her industry pantaloons. Her client list is highlighted by NIKE, XBOX, Amazon, CVS, InnoVage, Black Diamond Equipment, Empire Beauty School, EZ Cater, Indeed, LanguaMetrics, Wizards of the Coast, NORDIC, and FunTrain VR. Her versatility has found her to roles of unfiltered evil in the Exorcist: Legion VR, and award-winning film, The Shade to Documentary Narrator of The Hoover Institute’s series Battlegrounds, hosted by HR McMaster and all genres in between. Deep compassion, realistic positivity with unflappable sense of humor, and wry wit round out her personality with a dash of straightforward intelligence and human insight on top. She attributes her success to two things: Those who believed in her before she believed in herself, and the path she took that lead her to the same belief.
Jenn Henry