Full Name
Chris Krimitsos
Job Title
Founder of Podfest™ Multimedia Expo
Speaker Bio
Chris has successfully grown Podfest™ Multimedia Expo to an international conference with upwards of three thousand registrants from what started as a meetup at a local café in 2013. Content creators have benefited from his knack for community building as they build relationships AND their podcasts and YouTube channels through the platforms he has provided. These experiences, whether in-person or virtual, are built from the foundation of Chris having created more than 2,000 live events in his professional career.

As a trend setter, Chris identified podcasting’s popularity and responded with a 2017 documentary about the evolving medium. The film has been placed on YouTube for global distribution, after having initially been released on Amazon, where Chris also had a book (“Start Ugly”) hit #1 in Business Leadership and HR.

Specializing in emerging technologies, from blockchain to NFTs to cryptocurrency, podcasting, and on-demand audio, Chris is a leading go-to innovator who continues to give a voice to the global creator community.
Chris Krimitsos