Full Name
Kesha Monk
Job Title
Voice Actor
Speaker Bio
If perseverance were a person - Kesha would be her first name.

Kesha Monk is a 3X cancer survivor with an incredible story to tell. After a 25+ year career as a radio personality, Kesha was forced to pivot after a devastating cancer diagnosis. After surviving 3 back-to-back-to-back reoccurrences​, she's excited to share her experiences of her voiceover journey with anyone who is willing to listen! Her versatility has provided her opportunities from narrating hip hop podcasts with DJ Khalid and LeBron James to being the leading voiceover talent for the Democracy Summit at the White House. She was the first African American woman to live announce at the Tony Awards.

Prepare to be inspired at this year's VO ATL as she shares her gift alongside her VO besties.
Kesha Monk