Full Name
Isa Junca
Job Title
Voice Actor & Coach
Viva Voz
Speaker Bio
CEO and founder of A Voz Academia and the Ibero-American Voice Festival Viva Voz, one of the most important gatherings of Latin American voices in the Spanish-speaking world. She is one of the most active actresses, speakers and voice over coaches in Latin America, being nominated and winning 15 times at the Voice Arts Awards, considered the 'Oscars of the voice' and being recognized for being the voice for documentary narrations, audiobooks , commercials and, especially, as a voice actress in Latin Spanish. In this area she has performed in Latin Spanish the voices of actresses such as Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Gina Carano and Mila Jovovich, among many other actresses. Isabel has developed presentations and research around the pedagogical exercise of voice over, such as The Simple Rule of Three of Voiceover, which are the basis of the methodology at A Voz Academia.
Isa Junca