Full Name
Libby Clearfield
Job Title
Casting Director / Voice Actor
Coupe Studios / Voiceover Activate Inc.
Speaker Bio
Libby Clearfield landed in Colorado in 2015 via Los Angeles and began working at Coupe Studios almost immediately upon arrival. She created the casting department from the ground up, and it has now grown to a formidable roster of voiceover talents from around the globe. Additionally, she has developed strong relationships with talent agents and agencies worldwide. Libby primarily casts VO for commercials, industrials, documentary narration, and the occasional audiobook, while also working as a producer and a voice talent herself.

Holding a BFA in Drama from NYU, as well as an MA in Education from Tel Aviv University, Libby uses her training as an actor, director, and teacher to provide a unique insight into clients’ needs and how to best translate those requests to offer the most impressive showcase of talent. This is her first VO Atlanta conference (in person :)) and she is excited to learn from others and impart her own knowledge within this voiceover community!
Libby Clearfield