Full Name
Anna Garduno
Job Title
Actor-Demo Producer-VO Coach -Founder
Speaker Bio
Anna Garduño is an Actor- Demo Producer- Coach and the founder of VOICEFORWARD.
Anna teaches classes for VO Commercials, Animation, Promos, Narration, and Games, and has been nominated Voice-Over Best Teacher in New York and Los Angeles two years in a row by the readers of Backstage.com.
In addition to Voiceforward, Anna teaches for The SAG Foundation, The PrepNJ, NYU, Voice Actors of NYC , LIVO and is on the faculty of the Tom Todoroff Conservatory.
As an actor Anna has decades of experience as a VO artist. She can currently be heard voicing the character of PALMON on the DIGIMON animated series and film franchise as well as Selby the Bear on the award winning international animated series KIOKA . Anna was nominated best character voice actor for her role as Kiera in the PlayStation games Jak and Daxter 1 and 2 by the Academy of Interacticve Arts and Sciences.
Commercials include Levis, Nike, Calm, Diet Pepsi, Heineken Zero, Burger King, Subway, Apple Card, Childrens Tylenol, Black Flag, Dannon, Old Navy, Fifth Avenue Candy Bar….
Anna produces demos with her students working closely with each student to write/ and or select and rehearse copy that is best suited to their unique strengths and range. Agency’s Voice forward students work with include VOX, SBV, INNOVATIVE, CESD, ACCESS TALENT, DPN, DDO, ACM, ATLAS, STEWART TALENT, ABRAMS ARTISTS, and more.
Anna teaches private as well as group classes on Zoom to students all over the world. Voiceforward students have booked over a million dollars in jobs through agents, their demos, pay to play sights and direct marketing.
Anna Garduno