Intro to Podcast Production with George the Tech

Have you been wondering what tools and techniques you’re missing out on that would save you time, improve your finished production, and save your sanity? 
Get started recording your first audio podcast using affordable gear and software, with the option to add video. George will share the latest tools and techniques that can revolutionize your workflow and make you more productive in the studio than ever before! 

Topics to be covered in this don’t miss event include:

  • Podcasts are audio and video, but maybe not how you think
  • Camera: You can use a smartphone, webcam, or external camera
  • Microphone: The right microphone is essential for capturing clear audio
  • Lighting: Good lighting will help you look your best on camera
  • Acoustics: Treat your recording space to reduce echo and background noise
  • Accessories: Ergonomics and stable mounting of lights, camera, mic 
  • Remote interviews: The best way to capture your guest
  • Editing Software: AI transcription saves time and helps with a professional result
  • Exporting: How to get the right levels, LUFS to sound competitive
  • Distribution: Getting your Podcast “out there” on as many platforms as possible
George Whittam
Date & Time
Saturday, March 9, 2024, 4:00 PM - 4:50 PM
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