Discovering Your "Purpose" in Voiceover & in Life

So there you are. In the studio and in great voice. The script is in front of you and the story ready to be told. And yet, you feel constricted. Uneasy. Nervous. You know something has gotten hold of you. Creatively. Physically. Emotionally. What’s the culprit? Simple: You don’t know your purpose. Or to put it bluntly, “Why the hell am I reading this?!” Your purpose/why is your everything. It’s the fabric of your being. Your core. The motivation for all decisions, choices, opinions and TRUTHS. The goal of this breakout session is to help you quickly and effectively discover/empower your own purpose. To give you the confidence to KNOW your value behind the mic and in your life – each and every day. Join Dave Walsh, renowned voiceover coach and founder of the transformational communications method, The TrueTell ®, as he takes you on a raw, powerful, no holds barred journey to find what makes you…YOU.

Dave Walsh
Date & Time
Saturday, March 9, 2024, 2:00 PM - 2:50 PM
Session Type
Location Name
Grand Salon A