The Sh*t NoBody Tells You When You're Starting Out That You Need To Know

So, you had this lifelong dream of being a voice actor. Maybe your mom thinks you have a great voice? Maybe you always made funny voices growing up? Maybe you thought it was going to be an easy way to make money in your underwear? Only to find out that the “studio” you gave all that money to was nothing more than a demo mill. It turns out, like most things, that the voiceover industry is a lot more complicated (and expensive) than it looks on the surface. Well, the good news is that you’re in a safe place. We’ll give you an overview of the tools of the trade and the “need-to-haves” vs the “nice-to-haves”. We’re not here to sell you anything, but to help you avoid the scams and make wise investments in your business (and it *is* a business, so you need to treat it like one). - Have a better understanding of organizing your voiceover small business for your success. - Learn how to recognize and avoid bad investments in equipment and coaching. - Know that the rest of the voiceover community has your back and wants you to be successful!

Patrick Kirchner Brigid Reale
Date & Time
Saturday, March 9, 2024, 10:00 AM - 10:50 AM
Session Type
Location Name
Sinclair Amphitheatre