Prescription for Success: Advancing Your Career with Medical and eLearning Narration

In the evolving global landscape, both medical and e-learning sectors are experiencing significant shifts and challenges. From navigating crisis management to implementing policy changes and combating misinformation, effective communication has become paramount. Now more than ever, our voices must convey trust and clarity amid a cacophony of information. Join expert coach and narrator Anne Ganguzza in this interactive, on-mic workshop designed to hone your skills in both medical and e-learning narration. Learn to deliver agile and resonant messaging that engages audiences and fosters understanding in these critical fields. We'll equip you with subtle techniques to lend your voice a soothing, engaging touch that resonates with both narratives.

Performance Techniques, Practice & Feedback: Receive on-the-spot guidance to fine-tune your narration dexterity, supported by hands-on practice and constructive commentary.
Untangling Tongue Twisters - The Craft of Pronunciation: Mastering challenging medical and e-learning terms doesn't have to be a tongue twister. With effective techniques, unravel the art of pronunciation with ease.
Targeting the Right Audience - Making Real Connections: Learn the essentials of identifying potential clients in both healthcare and e-learning industries and engaging effectively with them.
Staying a Beat Ahead - Trendspotting in Healthcare and E-Learning Marketing: Understand the evolving trends in marketing for both healthcare and e-learning fields that can enhance your approach as a narrator.

Anne Ganguzza
Date & Time
Saturday, March 9, 2024, 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM
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X-Session ($)
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Savannah B