Joe Cipriano Promo Mini-Masterclass

Promo Master Joe Cipriano will present the core teachings of his weekend Promo Masterclasses. During this X Session we will concentrate on the three different types of promo sessions you’ll encounter in your promo career. In addition, attendees will become familiar with the requirements they’ll face with these different types of promo sessions, for example: Finding the story, Creating the energy and emotion, Interpreting the copy, and the performance. We’ll spend time developing your “soul-clock”; that almost 6th sense of timing that is so important in promo. This class is designed to give you a full understanding of what is expected of voice over talent when booked to do a promo and get you ready for anything that could come your way in the promo world. Promo Readiness: This X session will equip attendees for the realities of the promo world by outlining the expected standards and challenges. They'll leave feeling prepared to handle diverse projects and nail their reads. Boosting Confidence: Knowing the intricacies of various promos and possessing the necessary skills will significantly boost an attendee's confidence when approaching promo opportunities. Career Advantage: Gaining these insights from a master like Joe Cipriano gives attendees a valuable edge in the competitive promo voiceover field.

Joe Cipriano
Date & Time
Saturday, March 9, 2024, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Session Type
X-Session ($)
Location Name
Savannah B