The Corporate Whisperer - Crafting Compelling Corporate Narration

Deep-seated within every product and service campaign is the essence of a corporation's story. In the turbulently shifting marketplace, thriving companies need not just narrators, but genuine, relatable storytellers to captivate their audience and foster lasting connections. This high-octane Corporate Narration session, led by Anne Ganguzza, aims to transform you from a narrator into a story weaver. This immersive, forward-thinking workshop is designed to help you unpick the threads of any brand's story, identify recurrent themes in corporate narratives, and deconstruct script storylines to bring a company's objectives to life vividly. Learn to express the core ethos of company communique in a way that reverberates beyond the conference room walls and underpins your narration credentials. **Keeping It Real – Staying True to the Brand:** Discover how to pinpoint key brand-related messaging without diluting its essence. **Staying on trend: Style Guide in Narration:** Understand the latest tendencies in pacing, delivery, and techniques that can elevate your narration. **Script Storyline Dissection:** Unravel how to breakdown a script storyline and unearth the objectives and aspirations of a company. **Detecting Corporate Themes:** Learn to identify recurrent motifs in business narratives that provide depth to the overarching story.

Anne Ganguzza
Date & Time
Friday, March 8, 2024, 3:00 PM - 3:50 PM
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