Improvising your path to success in Voice Acting

For me this session is about demystifying Improvisation & illustrating how it can be used in every aspect of VoiceOver. I prefer to do this through performance by attendees rather than lecture and I get as many attendees performing as possible and I teach as I go. This session is all about building confidence through improvisation and confidence when improvising. This class moves quickly, I move through the material more as a an entertaining talk with quick stories of my experience as a director of VO, A writer and performer. We talk about when to improvise and taking what you see on the page of copy and coming up with the highest % audition they can submit to compete for more work. We also explore how improvising can be a means to character generation for ANY aspect of voiceover. We need believable grounded characters in VoiceOver commercials, Animation, video games, narration …basically anytime you are voicing a project and it isn’t exactly who you are, it’s a Character. We talk a bit about life in VO and how improvisation can help . #1 Improvisation is not to be feared, it is using things we do every day to our advantage in competing for work . #2 Understanding what advertisers, clients , writers mean and what they don't me when they ask for " Conversational" " Real" & " Non Anouncery" and how to approach those reads. #3 Confidence is king. Attendees will take away confidence in themselves, and their ability to be fearless and swing for the fences no matter the situation.

Scott Parkin
Date & Time
Friday, March 8, 2024, 3:00 PM - 3:50 PM
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Location Name
Grand Salon A