Show Me What You Got!

Actors often go into auditions thinking their job is to figure out and deliver what the casting director/team wants. But what almost always lands the job is the person who does the best embodiment of the character. Sounds the same, you say? It is not. To embody and embrace a character means that you understand the nuances, the strengths, the character flaws, and even aspects that no one previously asked for or perhaps even understood! In other words, it's what you have, not what they want. That's what we're going to unlock. You will better understand how to trust your own instincts and abilities, rather than trying to guess at what someone else wants, or be what you think they expect. You will be more in touch with your own triggers and pathways to unlock the complexities of your own performance. And you will learn to see characters more as fully developed 3-dimensional beings instead of 2-dimensional stereotypes, even when the character descriptions and even the scripts are written that way.

Randall Ryan
Date & Time
Friday, March 8, 2024, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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X-Session ($)
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Savannah A