Perfect Your Performance: An Acting Workshop for Competitive Narration Includes Corporate, Explainer, and eLearning genres

Maintaining a competitive edge is vital in today's dynamic narration landscape. Regardless of how much the market evolves, stellar narration still goes hand-in-hand with exceptional acting. It's about knowing when to subtly inject the perfect amount of emotion and nuance into a reading, making your message resonate powerfully with the listeners. This intensive on-mic workshop, led by renowned coach and narration expert, Anne Ganguzza, is tailored to help you refine your acting prowess. The session focuses on how to deliver that sought-after genuine, authentic read, while bringing out the unique qualities in your voice that separate you from the crowd during auditions, and beyond.

Here's what you can expect:
1. **Deciphering the Action > Reaction Dynamic: Delve into the text and discover the unvoiced action/reaction nuances between the lines.
2. **Applying Emotion and POV - The When and How: Learn the art of deploying emotions, understanding when it's right to be expressive and how to do it effectively.
3. **It's all about Nuance: Engage your listener fully with nuanced performances that involve every little sentiment, and GET you the job!
4. **Performance Techniques, Practice & Feedback: Exercise newly learned techniques, coupled with constructive practice and feedback sessions to reinforce the training.

Anne Ganguzza
Date & Time
Thursday, March 7, 2024, 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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