The VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference is a gathering of professional and aspiring voice actors from around the world.  Each year we gather to share, network, and grow as a community.

The VO Atlanta voiceover conference offers over 100 hours of small group voiceover workshops and voiceover classes in addition to dozens of expert panels and discussions on voice acting and the industry overall. This is your chance to learn what you need to succeed from top industry leaders.

It's the industry's largest conference and your best opportunity to learn from those who want to see you succeed. 


Professional and aspiring voice actors, voiceover agents, voice directors, casting directors, health professionals, and others associated with the voiceover industry.

If you're looking to start, grow, or simply connect with the voiceover community, VO Atlanta is where you want to do it.


Community Related

VO Atlanta is about more than life in the booth, so we’re happy to present a number of sessions that focus on YOU and the community at-large. With attendees from all around the world attending this voiceover conference, you’re sure to discover there are a lot of great people in the voiceover community. Leverage in-person and digital tools to connect and expand your network of professional voice actors, active voiceover agents, leading casting directors, and others.


Acting is fundamental to ‘voice-acting’ so this should be an area where you make time to learn how to upgrade your performance.


Take a shot at pushing yourself into animation as you discover how to breathe life into your character work while learning from industry leaders what it takes to succeed.


VO Atlanta 2024 will see the return of our audiobook content into the core conference, all under the same ticket, and led by one of the greatest audiobook narrators of all time – Scott Brick.


Your ability to conduct ‘business’ will make the difference in how far you go. This is our largest segment and one we hope you take time to explore as your build your business.

Commercial Voiceover

Commercial voiceover is one of the core areas where talent use their skills. It’s also very competitive. So, you need to learn what agents, directors, and producers are looking for. Discover it here….now.

eLearning and Narration

These areas represent serious business. With effort and focus, you may find yourself voicing work for years at the same client or network. Check out the sessions here to learn more.


Games are no joke when it comes to voiceover, so be sure to dive into some of the content that makes gaming sessions at VO Atlanta top tier.

Production and Technology

Today’s talent are expected to be on top of the latest technology. So, check out our sessions presented by industry leaders from inside and outside the community.

Promo and Imaging

VO Atlanta brings you up close with insiders from the promo world as you learn what it takes to make it in this highly challenging and fast-paced world of promo and imaging.

Spanish Program

VO Atlanta 2024 will be rebooting our Spanish Program under the leadership of one of the industry’s most-respected Latin American voice actors – Valentina Latyna. 

Vocal Support

From keeping your self healthy, stretching, accents, dialects, etc. our Vocal Support sessions are top-notch. The sessions are presented by leaders in vocal health and well-being.

Specialty Sessions

With so many categories, we needed to find a place to put all of our special sessions such as automotive, explainers, podcasting, and many more. There’s bound to be something there to spark your interest.

Kids Program

VO Atlanta 2024 will see the return of our Kids Program, led by one of the top trainers of youth voice talent in the country – Andy Field.